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Our Why

By Mindful Mamas


Our Why

As mothers, psychologists, and mindfulness experts who thought we were well prepared for motherhood, our journeys began with more hurdles and complex emotions than we ever expected. We encountered postpartum mood disorders and a great chasm in the support we needed.

All the focus was on how our babies were eating and sleeping, but what about us? Where was the village that was supposed to help and care for us too? Everywhere we looked, we were bombarded with parenting books, ads for bassinets and breast pumps, but none of those purchases had the power to replace what we really needed – other mothers who understood the depths of our experiences, the transformation that motherhood brings, and the surprising emotions that accompany that change.

While pregnancy, surrogacy, or the adoption process is often filled with learning about how our babies will grow and supporting them with soothing tips and gadgets, there is little information about how to support ourselves in navigating identity shifts, feeding struggles, a changing body, work-life, relationships, and so much more.

In the absence of a strong community, we’re left on our own to navigate the overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotions that arise when we are doing the work of an entire village.

While we can’t make your village materialize overnight (we wish – does anyone have a genie?), we can support your other vital needs as a mother and a human being: we are the wise women to encourage you, normalize your experiences, hold space for your feelings, and offer soulful guidance to help you find rest, understand the meaning of the challenges that come, and learn to savor the good that’s already present, but might be hard to see.

Mindfulness helped us find the wisdom in our wounds, the magic in the mundane, and joy and delight in motherhood and in life. We’ve created a trauma-informed and evidence-based toolkit of community, mindfulness, somatics, psychology tools, and more to help you create your most fulfilling life, your truest self, and a family you are proud to lead.