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Welcome Mindful Mama mindfulness & self-care for mothers at every stage

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Meet Your Daily Wellness App

Your Mental Health Matters

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Guided Meditations

Enjoy over 500+ evidenced-based guided practices that experts in maternal mental health developed with you in mind.

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To help you sleep better and get rest when sleep isn’t always available, find support from our Sleep Stories, Sleep Meditations, up in the middle of the night mini practices, + more.

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Practice these short, positive statements to remind you how amazing you are. Record your own or listen to ours.

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Listen & learn as we guide you to deepen your practice by combining our guided meditations with easy-to-digest lessons. 

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A Happy Version Of You

84% of mothers self-report that they feel better or much better after using the app.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Feel Less Alone

We help you feel less alone by normalizing your motherhood & life experiences. We got you, whether you are a single mother, an overwhelmed working mom, or find yourself struggling with anxiety, mom guilt, or mom rage.

Sleep Better Tonight

Calm Your Busy Mind

Sleep is not a luxury. That’s why we have a whole library dedicated to all things sleep. Let us help you calm your busy mind, instead of running through your to-do list, and lull you to sleep or help you find moments of rest when sleep isn’t available.

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Get Centered Whenever & Wherever

Peace in 5 Minutes

We know how busy and unpredictable your schedule can be. Get your “sip” of self-care in just 5 minutes with The Daily Sip, a short daily meditation. 

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We Grow With You!

Emotional Support At Every Stage

No matter the stage or your life events, we grow with YOU! We support you through 12 mamahood stagesfrom trying to convieve through empty nesting.

Be Reminded That You're Enough

Develop Positive Self-Talk

Cultivating positive self-talk is hard. Hear loving encouragement from other mothers worldwide who want you to know, “you are doing an amazing job!”


Simply life changing

Rated 5 stars out of possible 5

This app has seriously been everything to me. I am a momma of a 4-year-old boy, and I can’t express how helpful this has been for motherhood, especially me being a new momma. I use it to help me sleep after a long day, or even if I’m having trouble sleeping in the middle of the night. I use it calm anxiety when it flares up, especially when I feel overworked with my little man. Her voice is the most calming voice your ears will ever hear. I’ve learned to breathe more throughout the day because of this. I am so grateful to have this mindful ally in my pocket and at my convenience.

- Leanna G.

Five Stars!

Rated 5 stars out of possible 5

I tried to resist subscribing, but I couldn’t. Even the free daily meditations are simply wonderful. I recommend this app even for those who don’t like to meditate. Think of it as someone you trust just saying really nice things to you every day. Definitely a feel-good experience, which I desperately needed. If you do subscribe, there are customizable educational and helpful advice sessions as well. Magical.

- H. Cheng

Perfect for ALL women no matter where they are in their motherhood journey

Rated 5 stars out of possible 5

I LOVE this app! It is so thoughtfully put together. You can tell the women behind the app have experience in mindfulness and thoughtfulness and of course motherhood! They cover so many phases of motherhood (infertility, planning stage, pregnancy, loss, and postpartum from infancy to adult children). I really like the personalization of the app you can record your own mantras and mediations but honestly one of my FAVORITE features is that you can change the background photos to be from your own camera roll! I love when I log in to do a meditation and the background photo that pops up is one of my favorite pictures with me and my daughter. Thank you so so so much for making this app a reality!

- Caroline H.