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Less Restless Nights and Tired Days As A Mom

By Mindful Mamas

Rest Your Mind on Tired Days
Learn to rest your mind during tired days when sleep isn’t available.

Rest Your Mind with April Showers

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Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, or your sleep was interrupted. Or maybe you’re just not feeling well but parenthood isn’t giving you the day off.

No matter why you are feeling tired, there are tools to help you get through those low-energy afternoons and sluggish evenings.

The first tool is your imagination.

As the mothers of little humans, we spend quite a bit of time nurturing their imagination. We teach them to use their imagination to help them relax, discover, problem solve, and play. We teach our children that they can be somewhere else. They can let their minds go to where they need to be.

In this Sleep Story, I invite you to exercise your imagination in the same way that you teach your children. Slow down your mind and use your breath to help you arrive at a restful state—exactly where you need to be.

Let your imagination take you into the story. Listen to the sounds, see the colors, and feel the space around you all with your imagination.

You have nowhere to be. You have nothing to do. Even as your body may be going through the motions of your day-to-day, your mind can find rest with your imagination.

Relax, Mama, We’ve Got You,

Pro tip: Try something new and listen to this sleep story softly in the background during your day. Let your mind take in what you need and enjoy the mental break. Rest your thoughts while you are awake.

Listen to April Showers

You’ve Got This, Mama. And We’ve Got You.

Team Mindful Mamas