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You may have heard people say that becoming a mother is one of the best and most blissful times in a person’s life. But, if you are a mother, or are close to someone who recently became one, you may have a different perspective. While being a mother can be a rewarding experience, many mothers struggle with the overwhelming demands of caring for a newborn, child, or teenager.

Mothers often sacrifice everything for their children; an unspoken expectation learned through their own perceptions and societal pressures.

Mothers are reporting feelings of anxiety and burnout at an alarming rate, even more so with the added stresses of the pandemic felt by families worldwide.

Mindful Mamas is on a mission to change the way women think about motherhood—we believe that motherhood can be more empowering and enjoyable with a few key shifts.

We are developing a product to better support mothers in their mental and emotional health, and are committed to making an impact on maternal wellbeing. We are a female-founded company focused on helping families thrive with the use of trauma-informed, evidence-based tools.

We are looking for tenacious individuals who are also mental health advocates and are ready to help us take our offerings to the next level. Could you be our next hire? We certainly hope so! 🙂