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Take A Deep Breath, Mama. We’re So Glad You’re Here.

We are human beings, not human doings

By jillian

April 24, 2021
Message from Terra LaRock

I remember the night I was up late at night rocking my colicky baby. It had to have been approaching 4AM and I had yet to sleep.

I was looking around the room, taking note of what I saw. A rocking chair over there, a side table over there, a mobile above the crib, some nursery d├ęcor, cute stuffed animals, and a fancy changing station over there. While I was looking around, I kept thinking NONE of this is STUFF can help me right now. I spent a huge amount of time thinking about and prepping the nursery, yet not one thing in here can help me.

I then began to weep.

It was that moment I realized that I was looking for external items to help me escape my internal world. It wasn’t a thing I needed. It was me.

What I needed was:

  • The physical strength to keep bouncing

  • The emotional resilience to accept my moment exactly as it was

  • And the self-talk that told me that I was a good mom, that I wouldn’t be this tired forever, that it was okay to ask for help.

And all this time, I had been marketed to and made to believe that the stuff in my nursery was, in fact, the ONLY stuff that I needed. The hours I spent shopping could have been spent resting, practicing affirmations, developing better communication with my husband, engaging in meditation, deep breathing and self-care.

I felt like the world had failed me.

I remember being so desperate for those things in the nursery to save me and once I realized I need to look within, I kept repeating…”Terra, all you need to do right now is breathe. Just keep breathing.”

It was that formative moment in my life that set me down this path to mindful motherhood. It was moments like those that inspired me to create a company that’s ONLY job is to help mothers believe that A) they matter and B) that their emotional and mental health matters too.

So mama. Let me end with this..

You don’t need to do, buy or achieve anything.

You deserve to rest. It is also your birthright to learn the emotional wellness tools that will not only help you navigate the hard times but help you capture and savor the wonderful ones.

So today. Don’t do. Just Be.

I mean we are human beings, not human doings.

Everything you need is inside of you. It’s okay for you to rest.

With all my love,