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Take A Deep Breath, Mama. We’re So Glad You’re Here.

Stop Apologizing for What You Love

By jillian

April 30, 2021
Message from Danielle Radden

Hey Mama,

Last week I met my boyfriend’s parents (you can read my thoughts about that here).

His mother quilts: Beautiful, vibrant colors, and so many intricate designs. She was beaming with pride as she showed me all the quilting projects she had in progress. She lovingly unfolded piece after piece and explained the care she took in choosing the style. She told me how complicated each stitch was, and I could see how much of her heart she was sewing into these works of art.

But what got to me was that she kept saying she was sorry for boring me.

Don’t be sorry!

Mama, what you love is NEVER boring.

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If you are passionate about something, never apologize for that passion.

NEVER apologize for the things that hold your heart. NEVER!

Not everyone will be as excited as you and that’s okay. But never apologize.

You find yourself where your heart is… that’s not boring. That’s home.

And if this message somehow finds its way to my boyfriend’s mother, I want her to know that she is valued and her quilts are stunning—not boring at all.

All my love,