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Take A Deep Breath, Mama. We’re So Glad You’re Here.

Mindful Mamas Company Values

By eleven11

Mission statement: It’s our mission to create happy, healthy, and thriving new mothers around the world.

Problem statement: New mothers are not physically or emotionally prepared or supported by others. This leads to negative mindsets, nervous system dysregulation, physical fatigue, isolation, and overwhelm.

Company Values

It’s In Our Nature to Nurture 

We create and nurture deep, authentic connections with each other and with our community. We celebrate the unique experiences of others, weaving compassion, trust, understanding, empathy, and togetherness into everything we do.

We Focus On Impact

It takes a village to raise a mother, and we have ambitious dreams to reach and serve all new moms. We see a world where all mothers have access to the resources they need and where positive maternal mental health outcomes are abundant. We won’t stop until we get there!

Courage Is Both Big & Small

We know that it takes courage, persistence, and tenacity to change the narrative around mental health and wellbeing. We are reliable. We take risks. We do things that scare us and we don’t shy away from solving complex problems. We call upon our inner fire, each other, and our community to make meaningful change.

We Seek Diverse Ideas & Experiences

It’s critical that our mothers (and employees) feel a sense of belonging and whole-person safety. We amplify the voices of others through storytelling and education, seeking opportunities to celebrate the divine feminine that lives in all of us. We learn, unlearn, and relearn.

We Foster a Growth Mindset

We approach tasks with a beginner’s mind, presence, and mental flexibility. We remain curious, celebrating our wins and our failures. We evaluate our processes and seek constructive feedback. We collaborate and know when to ask for help.

Integrity Is Our Guiding Light

We strive to bring to market heart-centered, evidence-based, and trauma-informed offerings. We lead with humility, authenticity, and vulnerability. We check our egos at the door. We ask ourselves one simple question at the end of each day, “Would our families be proud of us today?”