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Take A Deep Breath, Mama. We’re So Glad You’re Here.

Guided Meditations

By larisa


Guided Meditation Series

Listen to some of our most popular guided meditation series in the Mindful Mamas App


The daily sip

New simple 5-minute daily meditations released every day. No matter what kind of day it is, you can still enjoy the self-care you deserve. The current day’s Sip is always FREE to all users.


Learn the foundations of mindfulness meditation over 7 days to help you keep calm and mama strong. We recommend you listen to these in order to gain the best understanding. FREE for all users.


Most of our Mamas say they’ve never heard the end of these meditations, and that’s probably why this is one of our most popular series. Ease into sleep with soothing guidance.


The art of losing it

Explore the science behind those inevitable moments of “losing your cool” while learning how to manage emotions, repair relationships, and practice self-compassion. The series includes 3 Volumes.


Explore the nature of your thoughts and tune them up so that they’re working for you. Titles include Kick Your Bad Mood To The Moon, Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, A Quick Mindset Shift, and more!


Because we all need a cheerleader who will remind us how to build ourselves back up when things get hard. Titles include You’ve Got This, You Are Enough, You Are An Amazing Mom, and You Deserve The World.