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Blog Submission Guidelines

By larisa

Mindful Mamas blog submission guidelines

Blog Submissions

To apply as a Mindful Mamas guest blogger:

  • Submit an e-mail to our editor, Danielle – [email protected] and our Head of Mindfulness, Carina – [email protected]

    • In the email include the following:

      • Ideas for possible blog posts

      • Links to other writing you have done (or attach a sample of your writing)

      • Contact information – email, phone, or text

      • A short 1-2 sentence bio to tell us about you and why you are interested in writing for Mindful Mamas.

  • We are looking for bloggers with:

    • Excellent writing skills that embody a core value of the MMC brand (heart-centered, real, scientific, unique, compassionate, fun)

    • New ideas, expertise, wisdom, or thoughts that will benefit mothers at all stages of mamahood. This includes everything from trying to conceive to mothers of adults.

  • You do NOT need a personal blog or a large following to be considered as a guest writer. 

Danielle or Carina will be in touch shortly with any of your topic ideas we are interested in.

You will receive a request for a blog and a due date. Please have the blog post submitted to us by the due date in order to ensure your piece is posted.

Blog details

  • Posts should be between 500 and 1500 words

  • Posts should be easy to read and relevant to mothers

  • Posts should reflect the topic we have approved

INCLUDE in your blog

  • Introduction

  • Main content – Following are some suggestions for blog post organization

    • A structured list (ex. 9 postpartum essentials)

    • How-to steps (ex. How to practice positive self-talk)

    • Lesson with a personal story about a relateable mama moment (ex. After my toddler’s tantrum in a store, I know I am no alone)

    • Expert information or research that will benefit moms (ex. why a healthy liver improves your IVF success) 

  • Short conclusion

  • Links to at least one external website you used for writing the blog

  • Relevant images if applicable (optional)

    • You must have the rights to use any images submitted with your post (copyrights, licenses, or distribution rights)

    • Include name/website of photographer if applicable

    • By submitting an image you give rights to Mindful Mamas to use the image in our blog, related social media posts, and marketing materials. Images for blog posts will not be used in any for-purchase product unless separate arrangements are made.

  • Ideas for a title (we may change the title to reflect our SEO guidelines)

DO NOT INCLUDE in your blog

  • Self promotion for your own business

  • Overly spiritual terminology

  • Excessive negativity


With your blog please also include a headshot, a short bio for our page (1-2 sentences), and links to your social media and/or website. If you are running a promotion or are looking to generate leads, talk to Danielle or Carina about ways we can help you while still staying within our branding parameters.

If you have any special requests, please let us know.

When your post goes live, you will be notified. We ask that you share the post on your own social media channels and with your audience. 

Thank you for your interest in writing for Mindful Mamas. We are so glad you’re here.


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