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Take A Deep Breath, Mama. We’re So Glad You’re Here.

About Quality Time Mama

By larisa









You make others around you feel safe with your insightful perspective and sound judgement. You are reflective, approach your decision making in a methodical way, and are always looking for opportunities for growth.


The biggest moments in life are created by many smaller ones.

You cherish the small things and squeeze joy out of any moment. You are able to give your children the gift of discernment and confidence. When you take action, your family pays attention because they know it’s something important.

The best way to set healthy boundaries with others is to first respect boundaries we set for ourselves.

Even though one of your greatest strengths is choosing to spend quality time on things that make a difference, decision making can feel overwhelming. And, at times, you also feel guilty for setting boundaries. Sometimes, you sacrifice your own personal space and time in order to show love to others.

Impact isn’t just measured by how many; it’s also measured by how deeply.

You know how to dig deep to raise yourself up, and in the process, those around you are lifted too. You can see where your time is well spent and understand what you need to do to reach your goal. And, when you take things to the next level, you make a big impact on others in the process.

Time is perhaps our most precious resource.

Remember, you can love others while also creating personal space and time for yourself. Actually, it’s imperative that you do. Your time is precious, Mama, and you deserve some of that quality time too.