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Take A Deep Breath, Mama. We’re So Glad You’re Here.

7-Days of Basics Series

By larisa


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7-Days of Basics


Day 1 – Beginner’s Mind

Starting with a beginner’s mind allows us to be receptive to new information and experience the present moment as it is, without judgments from the past or assumptions about what’s next.

With a beginner’s mind, we learn, build new neural pathways, and have exciting breakthroughs.

Day 2 – The breath

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was something that was with you in every moment that could help you come back to the present?

There actually is – your breath! It seems simple, but paying attention to your breathing can be one of your shortest paths from being distracted to peacefully present. When you get distracted from a meditation, conversation, or task, simply return your focus to your breath.

day 3 – still your mind

Many people believe that meditation isn’t for them because their mind is too busy.

It may seem that way, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth! Meditation is actually one of the most effective ways to learn to quiet your mind (without forcefully repressing thoughts). All it takes is a little break to focus on what is outside of you.

Day 4 – Triangle of awareness

There are many places on the map of your inner wilderness that can be discovered through meditation. It can be helpful to start with three inter-connected points: your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. We refer to these as the Triangle of Awareness.

Noticing how these all connect can give you a fuller picture of your inner state.

Day 5 – Wandering Mind

Minds think thoughts in all sorts of directions. One minute you’re making a grocery list and the next you’re imagining a dinner party that takes place on a fantasy novel you read years ago. This is what minds do, they wander over here and over there.

This is not a bad thing. One thing minds excel at is thinking thoughts! By witnessing your thoughts meander from one place to the next, you can find peace with having such an abundance of thoughts.

Day 6 – Noting Your Thoughts

You think over 6,000 thoughts per day. Do you know what type of thoughts you think? Take space to intentionally observe and note the types of thoughts you have (for example, list-making, replaying a memory, making a judgment about something).

Noting your thoughts, that is, consciously noticing and labeling them, can help you feel a sense of liberation. Noting your thoughts is the first step in taking back empowered control of what your mind is doing with each of those 6,000 opportunities.

Day 7 – Coming Home

We feel most balanced when we are in the present moment, even if we don’t always know how to get there. Using anchor points, such as your breath or body, can give you a tangible anchor to the present.

When you’re able to transition your mind into the peaceful present moment, you feel a sense of wholeness. Your body, mind, heart, and soul are all calibrated and harmoniously thriving together, at home in you.